Brappersberget is a popular crag that gets a lot of sun and dries quickly after rain. The rock is structured and has a lot of good holds and the angle is low and pleasant. The crag is situated in the bottom of a bay and view from the top is excellent, but it can get windy up there.

It is a nice place to go for beginners, though some of the routes are not that easy to protect. The left side of the wall is higher then it may look, so be a little careful about the length of your rope.

Around the corner to the left the wall is steeper and has shade most of the day.

The routes on the Little Wall are also good, but shorter.


Almost all the routes and variations were done early in the climbing history of Bohuslän. On the main wall it is possible to climb almost anywhere so feel free to use your imagination for link-ups and variations. Play around and have fun.

Brappersberget (Lyse Kyrka)

The area is access sensitive!

Parking is only allowed in the parking lot surrounding the church. If necessary use the toilet facilities in the parish house. Remember that you are climbing very close to a cemetery and that sound travels fast – keep a low profile!

Please note that sometimes there is cattle in the pastures. Pay careful attention to close the gates behind you.