Into the wild thumbnail
Jembe thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Jembe
Big tech thumbnail
Big tech
8B+ Boulder at Big Tech
Geel Slang thumbnail
Geel Slang
7A Boulder at Geel slang
Takraw thumbnail
7B Boulder at Takraw
Natural Selection thumbnail
Stunt Weed thumbnail
Die Hard thumbnail
Die Hard
6A Boulder at Die Hard
Lucky charms thumbnail
Lucky charms
5+ Boulder at The Sickle
The sickle thumbnail
The sickle
5 Boulder at The Sickle
Bad from far but far from bad thumbnail
Pistol thumbnail
6B Boulder at Bear Grills
Bear Grills thumbnail
Bear Grills
6B Boulder at Bear Grills
Up climb thumbnail
Up climb
3 Boulder at Legoblock
Die Bahn thumbnail
Die Bahn
6A Boulder at Die Bahn
Fels Räumung thumbnail
Fels Räumung
5 Boulder at Die Bahn
Agent orange thumbnail
Agent orange
7B Boulder at Agent Orange
Dreamliner buttress thumbnail
Dreamliner buttress sit-start thumbnail
Mulero's traverse thumbnail
Mulero's traverse
7C Boulder at Big Roof
Heat of the moment  thumbnail
Ascention thumbnail
6a+ Traditional at Heat of the moment
Tectonics  thumbnail
6A Boulder at Tectonics
Eat berries and climb Boulders  thumbnail
Ginger Marshmallow  thumbnail
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No topo image available

The area is access sensitive!

Access: Permit required.

Drive: Drive from the Kliphuis Campsite towards Clanwilliam and park on the right at the large pull-out after Riverside.

Walk: 1. For the Upper Sectors: Walk straight down following the cairns. 2. For the Lower Sectors: Walk left across the field and down a gulley and head straight down towards a lone boulder in the field. Continue past through a narrow and then you'll see the large boulder down and right, this is the start of the first sector.