Fred's line thumbnail
Fred's line
7A Boulder at Fred's Boulder
Fred's line sit-start thumbnail
Reality check thumbnail
Shadow of a punk thumbnail
The bar stool thumbnail
Last night I left and lit a fire thumbnail
Coup de foudre thumbnail
Nostalgie de la boue thumbnail
Viva la France thumbnail
The french traverse thumbnail
Á la débandade thumbnail
Honi soit qui mal y pense thumbnail
Tant bien que mal thumbnail
Roi fainéant thumbnail
Roi fainéant
6C Boulder at Cliffline
Léane thumbnail
7B Boulder at Cliffline
Outback thumbnail
7C Boulder at Cliffline
Warm-up 1 thumbnail
Warm-up 1
5 Boulder at Warm-up Boulder
Warm-up 2 thumbnail
Warm-up 2
5 Boulder at Warm-up Boulder
Warm-up 3 thumbnail
Warm-up 3
5 Boulder at Warm-up Boulder
Léane Sector

The area is access sensitive!

Access: Permit required.

Park: Large parking at the top of the Pakhuys Pass.

Walk: Take the track for 15mins, then take the path to Roadcrew and after a few meters go right to the cliffl-line.