Las Encantadas

The area is access sensitive!

🚗 Parking right in front on the side of the road - park carefully
🐕 No dogs allowed
⛰ The crag is situated on private property
🔇 Keep the noise down
👣 Avoid walking close to the houses - there are many paths to choose from!

🚗 To access the crag by car from El Chorro station, take the road towards Valle de Abladajis zigzagging upwards for 1,2 km. You won't miss the crag. When the cliff is on your left hand side, leave your car on the right side of the road, in front of the cliff.

🚶 To access the crag from the road, follow the small paths headed towards the left and center sectors. Several paths start both from the left and right of the parking and are shown on the map.

Las Encantadas left
19 routes on 3 topos
Las Encantadas center
20 routes on 1 topo
Las Encantadas upper
20 routes on 1 topo
Roadside parking.
Parking space for 2 small cars
Las Encantadas
General marker for the crag