La Mare à Piat and Monts & Merveilles 🏞️

The area is situated south-east from Bas Cuvier and shares the same rock quality as Cuvier area in general. When approaching from the parking of Cuvier you will first walk into the first blocks of Monts&Merveilles, just some minutes after the area 'Cuvier Merveille'. Shortly after you will reach the blocks and the main wall of La Mare à Piat.
You can also approach the area from the east. The approach is way shorter from the East for especially Mare à Piat.

The area is in general quiet, but especially during busy weekends, just finding a parking can be difficult, even if you could be alone in the area.

📲It's highly recommendable to download guide for offline use. 📶The reception varies from something to nothing.

The approach from the parking of Cuvier is stroller friendly, but in the area not too much. Parking on the east side (way closer), makes it possible to walk in with kids for sure.