Kakia Thalassa

Climbing is completely prohibited!

⚠️ Danger⚠️ After numerous bolt failures at the nearby and very similar "Daskaleio", it has been decided by the author to take the information of this crag offline. Bolting is on SS304 from 2012 and at Daskaleio, which has similar rock quality and pH levels, the exact same bolts have broken under bodyweight.
If you would like access to this material (e.g. for rebolting purposes), please contact 27 Crags.

By Private Vehicle:
Follow Attiki Odos towards Markopoulo until the end of the highway. After Markopoulo town, stay on the road heading towards Lavrio and count the distance from the Municipal Indoors Stadium of Markopoulo (Δημοτικο Σταδιο Μαρκοπουλου) to the traffic light and road sign showing left towards Kakia Thalassa (8,8km from the stadium).

Turn left on the sign and follow the road for another 7,2km until you reach the beach of “Kakia Thalassa”. A (free) parking lot is located behind the buildings that face the beach.

From the parking area, get to the right side of the beach close to the rock faces and start walking on the concrete river bed. After approximately 300m leave the river bed following fairly visible footpath uphill. The small sector “Mikres” is the first to be reached in 2 minutes. A further 1-2 minutes uphill will get you to sector “Shismi”.

By public Transport:
A regional bus (ΚΤΕΛ) starts from the centre of Athens, in “Pediotou Areos” (Πεδίο του Άρεως), and successively follows “Alexandras”, “Mesogeion” and “Lavriou” Avenues. If you don’t wish to catch it from the centre, intermediate stops can be found throughout the route – check for the orange bus signs “ΚΤΕΛ”. Mind that buses to several other destinations stop on those bus stops, so be sure to ask before you hop on.

These buses run all day (06:45-22:30) and will take you to Kakia Thalassa in a bit more than an hour. Services run more frequent during summertime and can stop altogether during winter.