Jean des Vignes
Very family friendly area with an easy approach. The area has a very good blue circuit stretching trough out the area with a lot of nice problems. You can also find some high class 6's and 7's around.
The entire blue circuit is definitely worth to try. Also around Coup de vent you can find some really good ones.

Here is some to try:

La Faim du tigre 7B
La Volte face direct 7B
La Tempête Divine (assis) 7A+
53 Gertrude 7A+
Coup de Vent (direct) 7A
70 à l'ombre 6C+
La Mokmal 6C
Le Bon Idée 6B+
360 Degrés 6B
La Déversante 6A
Many things on the blue circuit.

Go there and have fun! You can easily combine this area with for example, Rocher des Souris, Rocher du Guetteur and of course 95.2