Hurissalo is one of the old bouldering areas of eastern Finland. Area is large and some of the blocks are hiding in the woods while some are in more open terrain. Majority of the routes are on top of the hill around Nuotiokivi-Kolokukko. Some good action also for example around Hämeentie block. Rock quality is very good granite.

Many problems have been opened more than 10 years ago so don´t expect to find clean lines outside of main areas. Bringing a wire brush would be a good idea for the climbing community to keep blocks in good condition for the future!

The best season is definitely spring, from april to may and late fall (oct-november). Moskitos and horseflies can be annoying often in july -august. The area is not very windy in general because of forests but Äkkipoika, Hämeentie and Nuotiokivi areas might get some share of the wind.

First timer recommendations for different grades :
6A : Pfizerin sininen, Nolege is Power, Sisun suklaa (standstart).
6B : Pikku Mäkäräinen, Saleismi, Sundayline, Emäntä-Kustin reitti.
6C : Hiljaisuuden Julistaja, Takinkääntäjä, Vallan kumous
7A: Rotax, Kolokukko
7B: Tomin Hänkki, Hämeentie
7C: Sisun suklaa, Noitavaimo, Scrub bull assis, Kreskiano.


The place was found by Jussi Remonen, Eetu Puurtinen and friends in early 2000.