HOPE - Trad Climbing

The area is access sensitive!

Access: The land is owned by Travellers Rest but accessed through someone else land.

Drive: Parking near the old school.

Walk-in (old): 1.30hrs (I have done this walk-in many time and it is shit!)I
Along the track on the left side of the fields. Follow this to the end and then head up the steep hill on the left side of the slope staying away from the river (There are a few steep section which need to be negotiated). Depending of which route you are doing... you either head up to the rock face (Powerdrain) or continue up to the right along the base until you can get onto a very large ledge system with big roof.

Walk-in (New): 1.30hrs (I have never done this walk-in but apparently it is better?)
From the parking follow the right side of the fields and at the end walk directly up to the cliff staying to the right of the river away from the trees. At the base of the cliff traverse left to the large ledge with the overhang.

Descent: From the top of the cliff, walk to the right with the valley to your right until you find a weakness which enables you to walk down into the valley. Follow the valley back making sure to stay far right to stay in the narrow gulley which leads back to the ledge with the large overhang.

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Hope Parking (Road)
HOPE - Trad Climbing
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