This is a "forgotten" cliff that deserves more attention. Gvålåsen is a small vertical wall located on top of a forested hill, with nice rock quality and decent climbing. The wall has few formations, and is dominated by vertical and horizontal cracks and crimpers. The cliff is between 2.5 and 5 meters high, and has mostly nice and flat landing zones in front of the problems. The style of the climbing is often quite techy and thus great for practicing footwork and technique. Most of the tall problems have low cruxes, and can be a nice intro for those wanting to climb high balls.


No one knows when this cliff was first climbed, but it was rediscovered in 1997 by local climbers who cleaned and established the lines that you find in today's topo. It was once a popular wall for bouldering, where climbers would create eliminates and alternative lines. Over the last two decades, the activity here declined, and for the last few years Gvålaåsen is rarely climbed.

With a short approach, this is a nice spot for a quick session, or for beginners wanting to try outdoor bouldering.