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From Bucharest enter National Road 1 (DN1) and follow it until reaching the western beltway of Ploiesti city, after which turn right on the northern beltway of the city to follow the DN1A road towards Valenii de Munte. Just after crossing the town, turn slightly right on the DJ102B road and drive approximately 11 km, after which turn left on the DJ102L road. Under 10 km further you find yourself in the Starchiojd village, where upon reaching a roundabout you need to turn left towards Zmeuret village. After that just drive straight ahead until the end of the road.

There are at least three parking options available, depending on how much one wants to push his or her car - the last one is after crossing a small water streak and climbing a steep dirt road and is not recommended in case there is a possibility for significant rain falling.

After leaving the car behind, follow the road uphill, which eventually turns into a series of paths. The best way to reach the plateau is to follow the widest path which climbs a bit to the left, just at the base of the forest. The walk is a bit strenuous, about 2-2.5 km long, with a continuous uphill slope and circa +400 m altitude gain, but the area is simply astounding and everything is fine. After climbing for a while and reaching a grassy plateau, cross the river to the right and continue for a few hundred meters more with a final slope to climb.

As a sidenote, there are shorter paths leading to the plateau with a more direct character - just head for the giant rupture in the summit ridge which can be seen from miles away (the boulders fell from there and are exactly under it). If you are willing to take this path, you should know it is almost entirely exposed to the sun and there is a slight possibility to encounter livestock herds and their guarding dogs (they are generally used to the people, so having a friendly attitude towards them should keep you fine, maybe even make some friends).


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