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Adams rippe thumbnail
Cool Man thumbnail
Der Koung thumbnail
Scharfe Braut thumbnail
Balkentoni thumbnail
Direkte Pflicht thumbnail
Bis Irgendwann thumbnail
Alter Weg thumbnail
As Marmaladn Amala thumbnail
Erwin Kohler Gedankenweg thumbnail
Pflichtübung thumbnail
Talseite thumbnail
Hasardeur thumbnail
Kalte Sofie thumbnail
Zocker thumbnail
Rippentarzan thumbnail
Gladiator thumbnail
Ratz Fatz thumbnail
Anne Sofie 99 thumbnail
Nordverschneidung thumbnail
Halbmondriss thumbnail
Löchlesvariante thumbnail
Freistunde thumbnail
Fuchsweg Direktausstieg thumbnail
Fuchsweg thumbnail
Schnalz thumbnail
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Hasenfuß thumbnail
Egoist thumbnail
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Otter thumbnail
Weder Fisch noch Fleisch thumbnail
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Kurze Wand thumbnail
Beinhart thumbnail
Zauberbohne thumbnail
Zick-Zack-Weg direkt thumbnail
Zick-Zack-Weg thumbnail
Hauruck thumbnail
5+ Partially bolted at Bleisteinwände - East
Dunkler Riss thumbnail
Flasche leer thumbnail
Heulboje thumbnail
Im Hinterhof thumbnail
Riss thumbnail
Alles Banane thumbnail
Am Ende thumbnail
Happy End thumbnail
Nadelspiel thumbnail
Bergseite thumbnail
Höhlenweg thumbnail
Eibenweg thumbnail
Ex und Hopp thumbnail
Halunke thumbnail
Schluchtweg thumbnail
5 Partially bolted at Old Bleisteinwand
Schiefer Riss thumbnail
Schiefer Riss
5+ Partially bolted at Old Bleisteinwand
Lange Route thumbnail
Lange Route
5 Partially bolted at Old Bleisteinwand
? thumbnail
5+ Partially bolted at Old Bleisteinwand
linker Pfeiler thumbnail
rechter Pfeiler thumbnail
Riss thumbnail
6b+ Partially bolted at Old Bleisteinwand
Lust und Schmerz thumbnail
Verschneidung thumbnail
4 Partially bolted at Old Bleisteinwand
alte Verschneidung thumbnail
Direkte Talseite thumbnail
Nordwestwand thumbnail
Salamitaktik thumbnail
Südwestkante thumbnail
6a Partially bolted at Graischer Nadel
Pickert thumbnail
6a+ Partially bolted at Graischer Nadel
Bergseite thumbnail
November Nebel thumbnail
Übungsschwelle thumbnail
Rollender Donner thumbnail
Einschlag thumbnail
Graischsäge thumbnail
Nasser Sack thumbnail
Steile Rinne thumbnail
Monobloc C thumbnail
Boofenwand thumbnail
Wolfstein thumbnail
Das erste Mal thumbnail
Boofenriss thumbnail
Käsemaus thumbnail
Unterm Reschenberg thumbnail
Bruchleiter thumbnail
Sportkreisel thumbnail
Jubelweg thumbnail
Evas Bauch thumbnail
Enger Kamin thumbnail
Waschbärbauch thumbnail
En Mobilette thumbnail
Lass den Buckel an der Wand thumbnail
Sissi thumbnail
Alte und Jungnasen thumbnail
Alles Kante thumbnail
Grüner Kamin thumbnail
Frühlingserwachen thumbnail
Schluchtwand thumbnail
Schweizer Käse thumbnail
EPA thumbnail
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Climbing has been limited!

Please leave the forest one hour before sunset due to wild life.

This crag is located in the middle of nowhere but fast accessible from Motorway A9 though. Take exit #46 and drive to "Betzenstein". Go ahead towards "Pottenstein". You'll get to the village "Weidenhüll" after 8.6 km from Motorway. Take the 2nd road left towards "Graisch". After 880 meters you reach the village "Graisch", turn right immediately and park your car after 80 meters at the parking.
Another parking is to your left just before you leave the forest heading towards "Graisch"

Take the hiking trail to your left (North-West) for 120 meters. Take the path to your right up the hill. You will pass the first sector immediately. Follow that trail along the base of the sector towards West. The individual sectors are stringed together along that trail.
To get to the furthest sector follow the trail to the end where you find 2 slabs to your right ("linker Weg" & "rechter Weg"). Cross the ridge after that wall and keep right (East). The routes are located at the opposite side of the ridge.

Old Bleisteinwand:
Take the hiking trail to your left (North-West) for a few meters. Just after the road sign take the foot path to your right up the hill. It'll lead you to the crag.

Graischer Nadel:
Take the parking next to the street in the forest (or walk from the other parking). Follow the left forest road facing the forest from parking. You can already see the tower, take a small foot path towards that tower.

Take the parking next to the street in the forest (or walk from the other parking). At the opposite side of the road is a trail leading orthogonal into the forest. That trail will take you to the first and second sector of "Graischenstein"