It is easy to understand why Galgeberget is so popular. The approach is short, the walls dries quickly after rain and there are always possibilities to find shade on warm summer days. The granite is compact, cleanly cut and offers superb climbing.

The different walls all have their own personalities. Make sure to visit them all.


The area is access sensitive!

The road is private but it’s OK to use it, drive slow, don't make a shortcut over the parking lot when you are turning in on the gravel road at Röe Café! Park on the left side just before the crag – nowhere else!

People are living on the other side of the meadow. High sound level by the cliff is very easily heard from these houses. Please show respect to the neighbours and keep an extra low profile / sound level.

The walls of Galgeberget are protected by Bohuslän Climbing Club's bolt policy. No further bolting will be accepted.