The wall above the boulders is the place where all these erratics came from. Some are near the scree slope, some other in the wood, but they’re all very near. The bases of the boulders are almost always flat and comfortable. Do not get too near the crag, the rock in the higher section is partially unstable. The best boulder is Rampage, in particular the Great Rampage, Red Dragon and Blade Runner, but I suggest a visit to the other boulders too.

Ideal period:
Autumn, spring and winter (except snowy days). From November onward the temperatures are always quite low. Sunlight for the whole day.

Rock type:
The rock is beautiful, compact and has a good friction. The holds are mainly notches

The bases of the boulders in the wood are flat, the ones on the scree slope have some holes, the area is fairly suitable for children.