Mortel Transfert thumbnail
Sylphide thumbnail
7A Boulder at Rainbow rocket
Rainbow rocket thumbnail
Voltex thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Rainbow rocket
Ampére thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Voltane
Red rocket thumbnail
Red rocket
8A Boulder at Rainbow rocket
Ampère (assis) thumbnail
Ampère (assis)
7A+ Boulder at Voltane
Watt thumbnail
6B Boulder at Voltane
Watt (assis) thumbnail
Watt (assis)
7A Boulder at Voltane
À Lay’s Blaise Assis thumbnail
À Lay’s Blaise thumbnail
À Lay’s Blaise
7A+ Boulder at Blaise
Http.bloc (assis) thumbnail
Http.bloc thumbnail
7C Boulder at Http.bloc
Joyeux Grill (accroupi) thumbnail
Joyeux Grill thumbnail
Joyeux Grill
7B Boulder at Http.bloc
L'Arête de l'Abri-Bivouac (assis) thumbnail
L'Arête de l'Abri-Bivouac thumbnail
Voltane thumbnail
8A Boulder at Voltane
Voltane (raccourci) thumbnail
Voltane (raccourci)
7C+ Boulder at Voltane
Voltane direct thumbnail
Voltane direct
7B Boulder at Voltane
Into the void thumbnail
Fin de Carrière thumbnail
Fin de Carrière
7C Boulder at Profile
Profil de Carrière thumbnail
Profil de Carrière
7B+ Boulder at Profile
Fluocompacte thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Fluocompacte
Fluocompacte (debout) thumbnail
À Led thumbnail
À Led
6C Boulder at Fluocompacte
À Led (assis) thumbnail
À Led (assis)
7A+ Boulder at Fluocompacte
Rentrée Aérienne thumbnail
Sans Idée thumbnail
Sans Idée
7B Boulder at Sans idee
Hauts les Cœurs thumbnail
Metu Oblivionis thumbnail
Cœur de Pierre thumbnail
Histoire de Fesses thumbnail
Les Pantins Sociaux thumbnail
Mr Grumpy Pants (assis) thumbnail
Mr Grumpy Pants thumbnail
Petits Cœurs thumbnail
Sans Cœur thumbnail
Sans Cœur
6C+ Boulder at Hauts les coeurs
Règlement Extérieur thumbnail
Down in a Hole thumbnail
Down in a Hole
6C+ Boulder at Into the void
Le Toit de l'Abri-Bivouac thumbnail
Metu Oblivionis (gauche) thumbnail
Pas de Rentrée thumbnail
Amants Criminels thumbnail
Détail de l'Histoire thumbnail
Sulcus Sinus thumbnail
Sulcus Sinus
6B+ Boulder at Into the void
Etcetera thumbnail
6B Boulder at Arete
Forte Tête thumbnail
Forte Tête
6B Boulder at Mercedes
Mercedes thumbnail
6B Boulder at Mercedes
Le Petit Toit de l'Abri-Bivouac thumbnail
Mrs Crimpsy's Skirt thumbnail
Night Train thumbnail
Night Train
6B Boulder at Into the void
Dutchmen Don't Fly thumbnail
Load Tracking thumbnail
Load Tracking
6A+ Boulder at Load tracking
Place Assise thumbnail
Place Assise
6A+ Boulder at Place
Place Assise (debout) thumbnail
Per Operculum thumbnail
Théorème de Pythagore thumbnail
Théorème des Milieux thumbnail
Théorème de Thalès thumbnail
Bataille thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Voltane
Histoire de Taille thumbnail
Histoire de Taille
4+ Boulder at Voltane
Crayon thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Voltane
Défection thumbnail
5 Boulder at Voltane
Le Cocasse thumbnail
Le Cocasse
5 Boulder at Rainbow rocket
Coupe de Bois thumbnail
Coupe de Bois
5 Boulder at Place
Mine thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Voltane
Petit Détail thumbnail
Petit Détail
4+ Boulder at Voltane
Taille-Toi thumbnail
4 Boulder at Voltane
Ligne Brisée thumbnail
Ligne Brisée
3+ Boulder at Voltane
Franchard Carriers

Climbing has been limited!

Temporary Closure of Franchard Isatis
The acces to Franchard Isatis sites and climbing sites will be closed from the 12th of August to the 23rd of September. The ONF is fixing the road.

No vehicles will be allowed along this road and in the parking area.
Thanks a lot for your understanding. For more information, see the article in La Tribune Libre de Bleau.
Park as for Isatis. Walk with the "route de cul de chaudron" towards south - west. Turn right when you come to Route des Gorges de Franchard. Continue until the crossing with Route de Louvard. Here take a forest path towards south - west. This path will take you to Rainbow Rocket.