Dame Jouanne is a very spread out area with literally hundreds of boulders.

There are TWO red circuits. The other one (TD) is on the NW side of the area, while the other (TD-) is more to the center and east. Note that this circuit is pretty faded and some of the problems are really hard to spot.

There are also two harder circuits, white and black. The white one might be doable, but the #23 is a killer - Angle Parfait. The black... Well, it's black.

On the NW end of the area there seems to be a rather unknown/new group of boulders. That's why they are marked as "Chalk" and "Sector" and unknown.

Some of the cherries at this area:

Pleins Mains, 5
La Droite, 4+
Spelman, 6B
Les Chiottes 6B
L'Abri à Bras assis, 6A

Medium and Hard:
Monumendal, 7A+
Hibernatus and its variations, starting from 7B and going up to 8B.
Les Chiottes direct 7A
Angle Parfait, 7B+
Le Plafond, 7B
Better Call Saul, 7A+-7B+

If you like dynos... There are a couple of nice ones, but these pop into my mind:
Soyouz, 8A
Broken Heart, 7A
Devertige, 7A

Dame Jouanne

The area is access sensitive!

The approach is between a couple of minutes (250 meters) and for the farthest problems (like Hibernatus) around 10-15 minutes (800 meters, but the rest is uphill).

There are literally hundreds of boulders and it takes a little time getting orientated.

Please note that the areas which are FENCED are OUT OF BOUNDS. In other words, access is denied, it's forbidden to climb on the boulders.