Franchard Cuisiniere is one of those legendary sectors. Not only by its name ,but its problems also.

This sector was the sector Karma was opened by Fred Nicole (in 1993, year not exact). Karma has also weird history as it is one of the boulder problems to get shot by a shot gun :D Ask your friends more about this folklore.

If you are looking for Duel or Hale-Bopp, take a look Franchard Cuisiniere Crete Sud -sector.

This sector was hugely popular before the road was closed to the parking for Cuisiniere. Now you have to park your car to Isatis parking and take a walk of approx. 15 minutes. No worries, the road is bullet straight. When you come to end of that road, you continue straight ahead to the hill before you. What is weird, people talk like the road was closed just a month ago, actually it was closed over 10 years ago. So the time flies... :D

There you will find the first problems which are actually part of Cuisiniere Crete Sud (Beatle Juice, Excalibur). Continue straight ahead downhill and you will see a crossing road (=wide path) and a boulder next to it.

That boulder is Tranche de Lard. An awesome 6B+ arete testpiece. You can also do some warmup at this small area. Continue to east to the next hill and you have arrived to Franchard Cuisiniere.

Some gems:
7B, Pensees cachees
7A, Bizarre Bizarre
7A, Entorse
6B, Undertow (direct)
7A, Undertow

Franchard Cuisinière

Climbing has been limited!

Temporary Closure of Franchard Isatis
The acces to Franchard Isatis sites and climbing sites will be closed from the 12th of August to the 23rd of September. The ONF is fixing the road.

No vehicles will be allowed along this road and in the parking area.
Thanks a lot for your understanding. For more information, see the article in La Tribune Libre de Bleau.