Columbia Boulders
Midnight Lightning, 7B+
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Jonas Wiklund over 3 years ago.
Alexandra Kahn over 9 years ago.

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Daniel Woods
Red point
Nicole is crackhead
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Alex Biale
Red point
Midnight Lightning. Shazam. I don't need to tell you the beta or the significance of this boulder problem. All I can say is that this was a big send for me. I worked this climb for a couple seasons and along the way learned so much about climbing, myself as a person and a climber, and life. Sending Midnight Lightning brought me back into the game of rock climbing and allowed me to attain the beginner's mindset, even if just for a moment. Classic.
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Alex Johnson
Red point
as classic as it gets. one day in the valley. everything it is hyped up to be. not over after the mantle...
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Mirko Caballero
Red point
Sooo psyched to send this!!! Not my hardest by far, but a mega classic Yosemite Camp 4 boulder established by the Stonemasters...
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Benjamin Linné Ryn
Red point
First day climbing for a long time
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Jonas Wiklund
Red point
C'est la classe! Many tries over two days. Should have done it the first day, but chickened out on the mantle (which is 5b, tops, for someone my length [180cm] or shorter). Did it with only three pads second day. Had a spotter with very positive attitude, which made the top trivial.

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Too many time have I been to the last move, and have been shut down by the mantel! I love the lightning, it is everything a boulder problem should be, with balancy, precise movements!
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Some day