Buthiers - Land of big boulders

Buthiers or Buthiers piscine, is filled with huge boulders, many of the classic lines are high. Still Buthiers is an area for the entire family, there is a newly painted white children's circuit, and for others circuit lovers there are an yellow, orange, blue, red and black circuit to choose from. The Black has some exceptional nice lines, that one could consider to be even the nicest of its grade in Fontainebleau.
In Buthiers you can find boulders up to the grade of 8B, so there is plenty to do for most of us.
World class 5 star super problems here are at least the following:

Partage 8A+
Etrave 6A
Lady Big Claque 7A+
Appartenance 7C/+
Atomic Playboy raccourci 7C+
Attention Chef d'Œuvre 7A
La Fissure de l'I 5

Just to pick a few..

Buthiers should definitely be on a must visit list even for a short trip to the magical foret. Also consider that Buthiers is way more south than many of the famous areas, which makes it perfect if the weather in the north is bad and gets better in the south.