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7b Sport
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Shin Kicker
7b+ Sport
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Master Blaster
8a+ Sport
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4 Sport at Schlosszwergwand
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7c+ Sport at Schlosszwergwand
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Via Ferrata
7a Sport at Schlosserei
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7a Sport at Schlosserei
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OBI at Orbi
6b Sport at Schlosserei
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Drei Kreuze (Alte Westwand) thumbnail
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7a Sport at Finger Gottes
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7a+ Sport at Finger Gottes
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Climbing has been limited!

⛔️ 🦅
On this crag climbing at "Heinrichsgrotte" is prohibited from 1. February until 15. of July because of breeding birds. Rest is open all year until there are no signs at the wall.

The crag is mainly located around north side of the hill called "Schlossberg" close to the village "Burggaillenreuth". Go to Burggaillenreuth via Gößweinstein or Ebermannstadt and leave your car at the parking at the southern end of village.


go down the road southwards for 30 meters and turn left into the country road. After 150 meter turn left and follow the edge of the forest. After 100 meter you enter a forest road. turn left and right again soon before you leave the forest onto the hiking trail. After further 230 meters there's a stair. Take stairs up and you end up at "obere Schlossbergwand". Go down the stairs and you'll pass the other sectors.

Finger Gottes/Heinrichsgrotte:
go down the road southwards for 30 meters and turn left into the country road. After 150 meter turn left and follow the edge of the forest. After 100 meter you enter a forest road. Turn right and follow the road for 450 meters until there's a lawn to your right. On the opposite of the lawn is a foot path to your left. Go there and take the left trail. Follow that trail for about 400 meters. Once the trail leads down very steep there's a overhanging block to your right afterwards. 10 meters further is another block. Just after that 2nd block it gets a bit confusing.
->Heinrichsgrotte: go ahead a few meters and keep left along the hillside. After 100 meters you can spot the crag to your left.
->Finger Gottes: behind that 2nd block climb up the slope to your right for just one meter and turn left. there's and unclear path leading along the hillside to the crag.