2 routes on 1 topo
Buff the banana
0 routes on 3 topos
King of the Dwarves
3 routes on 2 topos
Electric Copper
3 routes on 2 topos
Slave battle
2 routes on 1 topo
All I'm looking for is a smile
2 routes on 3 topos
1 route on 1 topo
Cloud-busting keeps me sharp
3 routes on 4 topos
La fortuna di serpente
2 routes on 2 topos
Buff the banana
4 routes on 3 topos
Some kind of monster
3 routes on 2 topos
Quality Control
4 routes on 4 topos
Room for about 10 cars. If full, there are a couple of sandy areas to park at on the right between the campground and here. No parking is allowed beyond the gate at this parking spot.
Bonus Boulders
General marker for the crag