Bezas west - La Mina
Bezas western parts include all the areas on the west side of bezas, with the easiest approach from the parkings on the west. The areas are growing and getting more and more packed together, new lines are brushed almost daily.

This guide includes the areas:
La Mina
Los Callejones
El Valle
Pozo Celta
El Atajo
Ruta del Hierro

In all the areas you can find several gems. But there are some very sandy blocks as well here and there. All contributions to this guide will be highly appreciated! New problems can be found here and there..

Bezas west - La Mina

The area is access sensitive!

Park only on the parkings marked. Stick to existing paths as well as possible when walking in the area. Please respect the nature and the locals and behave good. Let's keep this area without access issues!