Bezas east
The guide is covering 4 different areas on the east side of bezas: La granja, El regajo, El Barco and Panea. All of these areas has some real gems around. You can park on the main parking as for Bezas west or on the parking marked on the map (also P sign allowing parking between 7-22 in the woods). The approach from the nearest parking is rather short for almost all blocks.
There are also loads of new lines all around these published ones that has clearly been climbed. Please feel free to contribute with any information to make this guide better.

Bezas east - El bosque

The area is access sensitive!

Park only on the parkings marked with a P sign and marked on the map. Stick to existing paths as well as possible. Be friendly to land owners and other people in the forest and leave of course no traces. Let's keep this area without any access issues for future generations to enjoy.