Les Béorlots
An area with a big amount of really nice gems, but until this guide, there hasn't been any guide taking you through the entire area included the north and west part of Béorlots.
All together a bigger than average area, which is often quiet. Park as showed on map and keep to the big paths, almost all of the boulders are visible from the path. The area is mostly within biological protected zone, so keep to tracks as much as you can and of course, never leave anything behind.

There are plenty to do in this area from 3-8A+/B

Check these out for example:
Double Face 8A+
Kaiju 8A
The Others (assis) 7C+
I comme Irun 7C
'Backstage 7B+
Mickey Mousse 7B
No Man's Land 7A+
Salathé 7A
74% de Cacao 6C+
Don't take the Bonsai 6C
La Bouteille à la Mer 6B+
L'Arête à Michton 6A+

It's actually hard to even choose from these because you have so many good things around! The approach takes around 10 minutes to most of the boulders and because there is sand paths to them it's kind of family friendly as well.
Reception is bad, so check video beta's in advance and download guide offline.

Les Béorlots

Climbing has been limited!

Park as shown and walk with Route d'acheres a Arbonne to the sectors:
Turn left to Route des platieres if you want to check out the western parts.
Otherwise continue for 200m more and turn right and walk 200m more to get to the main area.
The northern part are just above Route du Furet, most of the boulders visible or barely visible from the path.
The area has been partly closed 2020 because of a nature protection program (IBR). The Integral biological reserves are protected natural areas without human intervention. It's forbidden to go over any fences and you might get fined doing so.