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Bavella is located in the south-hinterland of Corsica and to reach it you have to reach the small city of Zonza. Get to the roundabout in the middle of Zonza (street lamp) then take the exit to Col de Bavella / Bocca di Bavedda. Now you have to keep driving along the D268 and after 8.7 km you will get to the destination. There are many car parks, both on the right and left side of the road.

The summits of Bavella are clearly visible from the car park. The topo collects all the trails to the different sectors.
Brief explanations of the paths (refer to the purple trail of the topo, “Approach 1”).
In front of the first car park there is the “Notre Dame des Neiges” grouping crucifixes and a Madonna. Walk along the fence of this interdicted area, Zonza direction, then at its end turn right (red-white paint on a rock). Walk on the main path for about 260, till you get to a junction.
Go left if you want to reach Talavellu sector. In this case walk for other 120 meters, then go right towards the two small walls that will be visible.
Otherwise, keep the right and proceed along the main path for 160 meters and you will get to an area with many intersections.

Filetta, Margherita, La Tarella, Grande Dalle, Noca and Murzella:
Take the path on the right that leads to the slabs of Filetta and Margherita after about 90 meters.
La Tarella is few meters ahead and Grande Dalle is just above the previous walls. To reach Noca, go over La Tarella and follow the path for something more than 30 meters. Finally, to get to Murzella, turn left just before sector Noca and walk uphill for a couple of mins.

Campanella, Paterla nera, Orìu and Murzella:
Go straight on towards the clearly visible wall of Orìu. After 40 meters you will find the path towards Campanella and Paterla nera on the right. Campanella is 80 meters ahead and is in front of Paterla Nera. To reach Murzella go right after sector Campanella, while to reach Orìu, do not turn right but continue walking towards the huge wall (90 meters).

Punta Picchiaddu:
Keep the left after the junctions area and follow the path for over 350 meters. The sector will not be visible until you get there. Some reference along the way: cross the Variante Alpine of the GR20, traverse on rocky crest then a bit downhill for about 200 meters, go down the dry stream bed and at the large tree go right and climb till the rocky spur.

Pilastru di L’Alba and droite:
Reach sector Noca from Grande Dalle, turn right downhill for few tens of meters then go left. Walk straight to the two sectors. Another approach is reported on the map, named “Approach 2”.


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