Apremont Butte aux Dames
And area not known by many. But what, it's just next to the parking? Instead of walking that almost 15 minutes hike into apremont, maybe it's time to just walk a couple of minutes and climb around here. An area with almost 300 problems just next to the main parking. Butte aux Dames has three (4) circuits, an yellow newly painted PD+ 1-50, an orange AD+ stretching out 40 problems. A blue D circuit, going on for 45 problems and a Black TD+ also 40 problems. The black could be in many areas a red, so don't be fooled by the color. There are some really high class problems in all the circuits.

For stronger climbers you have over 50 problems above the magical 7A, hardest being 8A. The area is child friendly but as for many areas in Apremont, maybe not stroller friendly after all.

Here would be a small list of high class things to try out:
Endémique Climbing 8A
Desquamations Polygonales 7C/+
Game one 7B+
A Gil 7A+
L'Étoile Noire 7A
Le Pilier de sa Dame 6C+
In der Bütt 6C
L'Antre Deux 6B+
A Bonita 6A
La Monnaie de la Pièce 6A
Le Bond du Kangourou 5+
Le Trapèze 5
Jeu de Mains 4+
La Grosse 4

Just to mention a few. Go there and explore a "new" Apremont close to the parking.


This area was developed strongly by Victor Pinto. Some good additions has been made by others as well, but Victor painted the Orange, Blue and Black circuit, making a huge amount of easier high quality routes.