Apremont Bizons
A family friendly, group friendly huge area, quite close to the parking. The approach especially to the "children's" area is very stroller friendly. The children's area features a white circuit for the smaller ones. In this area you have a couple of bigger boulders as well.
Continuing around 50m more you'll find the beginning of the Orange AD+ and the Red TD circuit. The red goes on for 42 problems and the orange is 48 problems long. Around these boulders you can find a lot of "off-circuit" problems, all the way to 8A. Slightly more into the area, starting almost from the back you can find a Blue D circuit starting from the famous La Corne boulder and ending at the high center point of this hill, La queue with altogether 36 problems. Also around this circuit there are bunch of off-circuit problems all the way to 8A.
It's easier to move around than in some other areas of Apremont, because the boulders are a bit more separated.

Here are some nice or extremely nice things to try out:
Il Était une Fois Bleau 8A
Shoot 7C+
100% Pur Jus 7C
Torchon Chiffon Carpette 7B+
Bizon Futé 7B
Corne de Bizon (direct) 7A+
Malfrat 7A+
M'en Fous 7A (Hand jamming roof crack)
Tintin (assis) 6C
Almost anything on the La Pave boulders
A lot of the problems of the red circuit and orange circuit!

The area doesn't have full coverage all around, so downloading the topo offline is highly recommended.

Have fun and enjoy!