Apremont Portes du Désert
The valleys between the more famous Apremont Envers and Apremont Désert. This smaller area still has a lot to offer. It mostly has problems over 6A's, but they stretch up all the way to 8B.
There are many really good problems in the area and it's for sure an area to keep in mind, especially for the busy times in the forêt when you might find yourself alone here.
Some lines that stand out would be:

Furtif and Furtivement with all of their different starts (7B-8B).
Bulle de Distorsion (assis) 7B+
Extra Balle 7B+
La Colonne plinienne 7B
E=MC² 7A
Semeur de Vie / droite 7A
Mécanorécepteur 7B
La Scorie assis 6C+
Voile Solaire 6C+
Le Bouddhiste Mahāyāna 7A
Cardiotoxine (gauche) 5+

Just to mention a few. Hope you'll enjoy the area. Towards the east of the area there have been cleaned and climbed some boulders that is included but there was no names or grades found anywhere. The unknown beauty is for sure worth the walk to.

Have fun!