Alogopetra, accessible in less than an hour from most parts of the city, is perhaps the closest place for multi-pitch climbing around Athens. The great limestone red-wall provides lines up to 120m high and four pitches long, while its rock is in general of good quality.

Climbing is typical red-limestone Athenian style with holes and pockets, slabs but also locally overhanging parts, as well as dihedrals and cracks. At the moment, five completed lines exist on the wall as well as an unfinished attempt.

The character of the routes differs quite a lot and ranges from pure sport style to trad delicate climbing on less certain grounds. Due to some long pitches, rappelling will require 60m ropes.

The climbing style on the wall can be considered “mixed” as some routes are more and some are less equipped with bolts. Despite the fact that most of the routes are more than 15 years old, the state of the bolts is quite good.


No route existed on the wall of Alogopetra till the early 90s, with all multi-pitch climbing taking place on nearby Flambouri and Arma walls. The first routes, “Baobap” and “Anemologio” are opened in 1993 by D. Titopoulos, H. Kouniakis, P. Bailey and N. Chatzis and a few years later, G. Milias along with N. Douros and N. Dimiza open another couple of routes,“Kat ikon ergasia” and “Enitor ergo sum”.

For more than 10 years no new route is added, till 2008 when the route “Daemon” is completed by A. Grapsas and G. Voutyropoulos.