Al Bireh

The area is access sensitive!

By car:
To reach the climbing, you will have to drive through the labyrinth of the Al Bireh industrial area. Thus, we recommend you use the GPS location to reach the parking space. At some point you will have to exit the street onto a dirt road – the GPS coordinates for that point are as follows 31.910688, 35.22438 – you can either park at that bend or continue another 500 meters down the dirt road until you can drive no further.

By public transport:
There is no public transport to this area. Take a taxi to the Al Bireh Stadium and walk towards the GPS parking location.

From the parking area, follow a small path for 10 minutes into the valley (direction east). Keep on the right side of the wadi. After a kilometer or so you will eventually reach the cliff which will appear on your right.

Northern Cliff
6 routes on 1 topo
Southern Cliff
11 routes on 4 topos
Parking for Al Bireh
Al Bireh
General marker for the crag