Although the authors of this guidebook have known of known about the Al –Bireh cliff for a while, climbing development began only recently. It’s location in a calm valley surrounded by some of the most conflict prone areas of the West Bank made us reluctant to explore the site for a long time. However, when we did, we immediately regretted not having started to climb there earlier. Its proximity to Ramallah makes for a great afternoon climbing spot. Additionally, the Southern Cliff is north-facing, which is important in Palestine during the months of burning summer heat. There is still potential for some medium and harder routes.

Safety precautions:
The rock is slightly softer than in the other areas, so watch out and wear a helmet. Due to the proximity to the notorious DCO checkpoint, the settlement of Psagot, and Mulberry spring road (which is predominantly used by Israeli settlers) we recommend keeping a low profile. Do not hike up onto the nearby hills and if you encounter Palestinians make it clear where you are from, as there are often Friday protesters on the other (northern) side of the hill. Depending on your group, you could be mistaken for settlers, so communicate pro-actively with anyone around and explain that you are here for climbing. Do not park on the Mulberry spring road! The vehicle will most likely be inspected by the Israeli Occupation Forces.

Al Bireh

The area is access sensitive!

By car:
To reach the climbing, you will have to drive through the labyrinth of the Al Bireh industrial area. Thus, we recommend you use the GPS location to reach the parking space. At some point you will have to exit the street onto a dirt road – the GPS coordinates for that point are as follows 31.910688, 35.22438 – you can either park at that bend or continue another 500 meters down the dirt road until you can drive no further.

By public transport:
There is no public transport to this area. Take a taxi to the Al Bireh Stadium and walk towards the GPS parking location.

From the parking area, follow a small path for 10 minutes into the valley (direction east). Keep on the right side of the wadi. After a kilometer or so you will eventually reach the cliff which will appear on your right.