Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

La tormenta, Sport, 5.10b

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Zoquetes, Sport, 5.11b
Bizarre, Sport, 5.11d
Campanilleo de cojones, Sport, 5.11b
Sherpa, Sport, 5.11a
El Aberroncho, Sport, 5.11a
El harén, Sport, 5.10d
Machu, Sport, 5.10d
Barrio sésamo, Sport, 5.10d
Matarile, Sport, 5.10d
Bolu-Do, Sport, 5.10c
Los domingueros, Sport, 5.10c
No Tontas Hagarias, Sport, 5.10c
Calienta motores, Sport, 5.11d
Zampabollos, Sport, 5.11d
Villa Pereza, Sport, 5.10d
Masaje vaginal, Sport, 5.10a
Tyto Alba, Sport, 5.10d
Calienta yemas, Sport, 5.11a
El destrepe, Sport, 5.11a
Bizarre, Sport, 5.12a
Caronte, Sport, 5.11b
Helloween., Sport, 5.10b
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