North Mountain

Topos for North Mountain in the area of Hueco Tanks, TX are maintained by Hueco Valley Climbers.

Climbing has been limited

Only 70 people are allowed on the mountain each day. You can contact the state parks to make a reservation.

The Mushroom Boulder is closed.

"Hueco is, in addition to a great climbing area, essentially an archeological site. Visitors must use caution and follow the rules and regulations. Climbers bare a more significant responsibility in this respect, climbers have had a major impact on Hueco. Boulder pads should be folded and carried when they need to be moved. Dragging pads, and tossing pads on the ground creates erosion. Also be aware not to damage the vegetation, Hueco is a desert and as such the vegetation can take a long time to grow back. Visitors are free to walk wherever they want on the rock (with the exception of the huecos). The huecos on the rock are home to all sorts of life, even if nothing appears to be in the hueco, there are fragile eggs that can be damaged by walking in huecos, so please avoid them. If we are careful and respectful we should be able to climb in Hueco for years to come. Thanks for using caution, following the rules, and picking up after yourselves." — team Hueco Valley Climbers

Routes that have not yet been drawn on a topo image

Sea of Holes, Partially bolted, 5.9
Cakewalk, Sport, 5.6

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

Algerita, Boulder, V13
Blood Lines (Left), Boulder, V7
Blood Lines (Right), Boulder, V6
Loaded With Power, Boulder, V9
Darkroom, Boulder, V12
Mushroom Roof, Boulder, V8
Le Retour de Goupil, Boulder, V12
Loaded Direct, Boulder, V12
Litz problem, Boulder, V11
The Governator, Boulder, V10
Flower power, Boulder, V11
Scherwer Gustov, Boulder, V11
Bleeding Brothers, Boulder, V12
Crap Arete Especial, Boulder, V10
Algerita (post break), Boulder, V13
Big Nose Milley, Boulder, V9
Guns of Navarone, Boulder, V6
Predator, Boulder, V10
Smooth Move Dyno, Boulder, V8
Mcbain, Boulder, V8
Adjust your Attitude, Boulder, V8
Zuluflex, Boulder, V6
Bloodline, Boulder, V6
Hug, Boulder, V5+
Wikikala, Boulder, V5+
A Tale of Two Gabors, Boulder, V13
Beer Can Traverse, Boulder, V9
Stinking Jesus Low, Boulder, V10
Chior Boy, Boulder, V9
The beer Can, Boulder, V9
Ghetto simulator, Boulder, V2
Dark age low, Boulder, V9
Run The RackĀ , Boulder, V9
High StrungĀ , Boulder, V8
The Peanut, Boulder, V7
Mousie Adame, Boulder, V7
Bloodline, Boulder, V8
Hebro Sausage, Boulder, V5
The Journey Begans, Boulder, V10
B Flat, Boulder, V3+
Lithologic, Boulder, V4
Only Girls Squat, Boulder, V0
P.F.O.S., Boulder, V9
Shamu, Boulder, V9
The War Snake, Boulder, V7
Pull the plug, Boulder, V12
Assisted Living, Boulder, V7
Left El Murray, Boulder, V5+

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