Routes on Lietlahti Park

27 sport 562 boulder

We like Lietlahti Park

Every year this place become better and better. Hope we will see 200 boulders very soon ;)
Many boulders around the Lietlahti village and at the nearby Triangular lake, as well as over 160 sport routes in the neighbouring area. You can stay at Lietlahti (either rent a room in the house - beforehand - or a place for a tent ourside the house - anytime), the hosts of the house are very nice and fiendly married couple.
Отличное место где вдалеке от цивилизации и в окружении прекрасных людей ничто не мешает лазанью по гранитным камням. Более 200 трасс на любой уровень вкус и цвет.

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