Routes on Lietlahti Park

24 sport 350 boulder

We like Lietlahti Park

Alena Kislitsina • over 1 year ago
Awasome place, great people. There are huge amount of boulders. And tasty berries in a forest.
Yaroslav Malyshev • over 1 year ago
Many boulders around the Lietlahti village and at the nearby Triangular lake, as well as over 160 sport routes in the neighbouring area. You can stay at Lietlahti (either rent a room in the house - beforehand - or a place for a tent ourside the house - anytime), the hosts of the house are very nice and fiendly married couple.
Pavel Peskin • almost 2 years ago
Хорошее качество породы и маршрутов. Подготовленные площадки. Теневые и солнечные сектора. Достаточно большое количество как сложных, так и совсем простых трасс. Огромный потенциал для развития. Гостеприимные хозяева. Good quality of rocks and boulder lines. Prepared landings. Shadow and sunny sectors. Quite a number of both hard and very simple lines. The huge potential for development. Hospitable owners.

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