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Anastasia Grushchenko • over 1 year ago
Probably one of the Russia’s best concentration of boulder climbing. 5 crags with over 100 problems with a potential for 5x times as much. Climbing: hard granite, lots of crimping involved. That being said, the rock face is quite diversed, so you'll encounter with tons of pinches, pockets, gastoons, sidepulls and underclinging while climbing. Lietlahti team's been working hard on making the landing places as safe as possible. For most of the problems it's enought to have 1-2 mats. Some of the boulders hovewer could be quite dangerous, so bring as many mats as possible and at least one good climbing partner and you won't be limited by the safety issues. Climbing season: somewhere between May and November. Sometimes too warm in summer period, but the daylight is quite long and its ok to climb after sunset. The weather can't be quite unpredictable too, so make sure you have a water-proff set of clothes and shoes. Accomodation: two options available. You can either rent a room inside the Lietlahti building or camp on a camp ground. Wi-fi, russian-style sauna and a kitchen. And something you can't put the price on - hospitable feeling-like-home atmosphere.
Dmitriy Zavorin • almost 2 years ago
A place that makes you want to return again and again
Igor Budnik • almost 2 years ago
Очень богатый район. От самых простых трасс (для начинающих) до очень сложных. Плюс очень гостеприимный хозяева. А собака Герда так вообще самая скалолазная собака из всех которых я видел)

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