Head out of Massouri towards Kasteli. If you are walking take the track leaving the main road on the right past the old ″Climbing Info desk″ and the telegraph pole which leads up to the concrete road If on a scooter keep going until the road bends sharply around to the right (take care as you come around) and a steep paved concrete road can be seen on the right. Find a safe spot to turn around then head up the ramp (you need some speed for this). Continue on for about 100m until you reach the parking place below the big boulder where the trail begins. Follow the trail up for a bit until you see a branch that goes roughly up and right. Continue to the base of the ridge. The first area is Climberʼs Nest, with the small steep Dolonas Cave just further along. In another five minutes you will arrive at Zorbaʼs cave and the walls/slabs on its left and right. Further right and upwards are the new sectors of Emilio and Spice Garden, while just a bit below is Muses.

Parking some 200m after the concrete road runs out out just below the big boulder that marks the start of the trail


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email