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Is the video beta wrong?
Jussi Leskinen I think you should do the long traverse first and not start from the start of Hammas. Correct me if I'm wrong. almost 6 years ago
Calle Bejersten Yepp you probably should but that is to pumpy for me (exclusive boulderer), that line is also drawn but as another problem called västerntraversen,, aswell as hammas not starting with the travers this is a left version of climbing from the jug and for me abit harder than Hammas... over 5 years ago
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Hammas finger crack, 5.12b
Grade opinions
Video beta
At 10:25 with slightly More direct topout.
Mikael Uponen 26 days ago.
Tuukka Peteri about 2 months ago.

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Pierre Ropero
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Jani Lehtola
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Last day last route first try, good warm up saves the day. Long jug traverse link up to hammas finger crack finish. Harder than hammas extension
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Mika Silander
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Iiro Vidberg
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Kalle Laakso
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Jaakko Sarin
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