Franchard Sablons Carriers
This area is for the dyno lovers, but besides the world's maybe most iconic dyno, Rainbow Rocket, you can find a bunch of world class problems here. Mostly in the upper grades.

Some problems in the area to try out:

Rainbow Rocket 8A
+All the other dynos next to Rainbow Rocket 7A-8A
Voltane (raccourci) 7C+
L'Arête de l'Abri-Bivouac 7B+
Profile / Fin de Carrière 7B+/C
Etcetera 6B
À Lay’s Blaise 7A+
Le Toit de l'Abri-Bivouac 6C+
Mercedes 6B

The area is a bit outspread but with 27crags coordinates you won't have problems finding the way. It's a very quiet area in general, also during busy times. If you meet anyone, that will probably happen at Rainbow Rocket.