Bouldering is now part of the climbing scene in Death Canyon and we are stoked to share! The valley has so much to offer like the black solid granite, tall moderate lines and powerful steep climbing all within 15min from each other.

Currently, (Summer 2019) we have 80+ boulder problems ranging from V-Easy to V13!!

Details to each area below:

Upper Death
Approach: 1h 20m / 4-miles
This zone was actually the first zone in Death we developed (I guess we walked by Lower and Middle…). I went on a quick solo hike up the canyon one day in 2016 and bumped into a massive bloc that the trail flowed around and that bloc is now known as "The Morgue". Some of the best lines in the Teton Apline are right up here and plenty more await.

Middle Death
Approach: 1hr 10min / 4-miles
Middle Death was developed in 2017 during a little detour on the way down from Upper. Might be the best zone? The rock is so good here, loads of tall blocs and 4-5 pads should be enough for some of the taller ones. The most famous; Oh wow big cow, Mr, Ed’s Left Shoe, The British are coming and Lively Up yourself.
Cross the river at the first switch-back after the Lower Death section. Once you cross the rapids hike over the little green hill towards the cliff line (SW) where you can see a tall obvious arete line with a off-width to the left. The blocs are right below this and you’ll start to see them as you crest the hill.

Lower Death
Approach: 1hr / 3.5-miles
Some gems are here for sure like; Kung Foo Slab, Buck Knife Billy and the best Moosling!
Easy walk too!


Death Canyon is located in Grand Teton National Park, in the U.S. state of Wyoming!

No one is certain exactly whose death it was that gave this canyon its name. All that is known is that a member of the 1876 Hayden Expedition, a group sent out by the federal government to see what all was in this area, went into the canyon and was never seen again.

Some of the park's most famous and difficult pure rock climbs—Caveat Emptor (5.10a), The Snaz (5.10a)—are in Death Canyon.

Routes on Death Canyon
72 boulder
Premium topo by Teton Alpine Bouldering
Adam Connor
from Jackson, Wyoming
Josh Larson
from Boston, MA