Pinch & Bachar
  1. Unnamed, Boulder, V4
  2. Unnamed, Boulder, V4
  3. Sharma Scoop, Boulder, V8
Pinch & Bachar
  1. Bachar Problem Left, Boulder, V5
  2. Bachar Problem Right/Golden Boy, Boulder, V5
  3. Unnamed, Boulder, V5
Pinch & Bachar
  1. Unnamed, Boulder, V8
  2. Unnamed, Boulder, V7

Routes that have not yet been attached to a sector

The Swarm
, Boulder, V14
King Tut, Boulder, V2 (V3)
Bowling Pin Sit, Boulder, V6
Buttermilker, Boulder, V12
Croft Problem, Boulder, V8
Ten Pin Trial, Boulder, V8
Funky Tut, Boulder, V3
The Swarm Direct, Boulder, V13
Xavier's Roof
, Boulder, V11
Sit start
A Scanner Darkly, Boulder, V12
Buttermilker Traverse, Boulder, V12
Buttermilker SDS, Boulder, V12
A Form Destroyer, Boulder, V12
Zen Flute
, Boulder, V10
Plain High Jump Start, Boulder, V10
Queen Sweet Nectar
, Boulder, V9
Milk the Milks, Boulder, V5+
Green Hornet, Boulder, V3+
The Womb, Boulder, V2
Pain Grain, Boulder, V5
Bowling Pin, Boulder, V4
Juvenile Achievement, Boulder, V8
Fingerprints, Boulder, V7
Acid Wash Right stand start, Boulder, V6 (Standing start)
Birthday Direct, Boulder, V3
Sheepherder, Boulder, V2
Cosmonaut, Boulder, V5+
Direct North
, Boulder, V14
On the Grandma Peabody, links Direction(V13) into Magnetic North (V8/9)
The Loaf WF, Boulder, V3
The Grovel Roof area, Boulder, V3
Junior's Achievement
, Boulder, V8
Lululator Stand Start, Boulder, V4+
Adam Cocaine, Boulder, V8
Lululator Low, Boulder, V8
Working class, Boulder, V8
Roadside highball, Boulder, V3
Painted Cave, Boulder, V6
Rib direct, Boulder, V6
Pinch Arete, Boulder, V7
Great dominion, Boulder, V1
Original line, Boulder, V2
East Side Story
, Boulder, V2
Birthday skyline, Boulder, V2
The rising, Boulder, V3+
Easy Grit , Boulder, V5
Stem left, Boulder, V4+
Rail problem , Boulder, V4+
Leary/Bard arete , Boulder, V4+
Pope's prow , Boulder, V5+
Howard Carter sit, Boulder, V5+
Pain Grain SDS, Boulder, V7
Birthday Left, Boulder, V0
The Prow, Boulder, V2
Rib, no Rib, Boulder, V1
Unnamed, Boulder, V1
Ay, Boulder, V1
Rib, no Rib SDS, Boulder, V6
Devoted traverse, Boulder, V6
Unnamed, Boulder, V6
Unnamed, Boulder, V2
Patina, Boulder, V0
Unnamed, Boulder, VB
Unnamed, Boulder, V0-
Egypt (crack), Boulder, V0
The Roadside Rail, Boulder, V3+
Pothole Direct, Boulder, V0+
Unnamed, Boulder, V7
Early Exit, Boulder, V5
Gastonia, Boulder, V8
Unknown, Boulder, V6
Evolution (to the lip), Boulder, V10
Climb Like a Man, Boulder, V6
Nan Bread, Boulder, V4+
Tut Crack Left, Boulder, V3+
Egypt (No Crack), Boulder, V3
Tut Crack, Boulder, V4
Unnamed, Tut boulder, Boulder, V2
Bowling Pin Arete, Boulder, V4
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