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Grade Total Flash Red point Diagram
V16 0 0 0
V15 9 0 9
V14 41 0 41
V13 95 2 93
V12 134 12 122
V11 179 24 155
V10 49 21 28
V9 1 0 1
V8 0 0 0
V7 0 0 0
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2013-12-21 Clogging The Feed Pine Creek Canyon V12
FA Red point Big, tall, compressiony. It stays on you from the start. BOOOM!!!
2013-12-19 Half Magic First Creek Canyon V11
2nd Red point Bullet red rock. GREAT moves! Another one goes up in First Creek with Daniel and Jimmy.
2013-12-19 Clubbin' n Tubbin' First Creek Canyon V13
Red point Maybe the craziest, hardest, most intricate mantle I've ever done. And I've done a few! After you still have to keep it together on the highball slab arete. Sent it on about the 50th try of the day! Didn't think it was going to be this hard, but it proved other otherwise. Best to wait and see what others think. Incredible and very unique piece of rock!
2013-12-17 The Shining Path Pine Creek Canyon V12
2nd Red point First repeat. What an incredible highball! There aren't many lines in the world that get me as psyched as this one. I remember seeing a photo of this boulder a couple years ago and wanting to book a flights to Vegas that instant. Ultimate commitment at the top! Did it first try from the ground, so hard to say about the grade when you're holding on for dear life. Another one off the life tick list!
2013-12-12 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest First Creek Canyon V12
2nd Red point Sessioned it out with Jimmy and Daniel. Great highball culminating in a big dyno! The Nest project to the right is incredible, but with my shoulder injury it will have to wait until another trip.
2013-12-11 Meadowlark Lemon Gateway Canyon V14
Red point Amazing FA from Paul! What a beauty! A wee bit sandy, but an incredible climb. Couldn't handle the freezing conditions on the first day, so had to return on a warmer day to finNish it! Very thankful to be able to navigate up this boulder without making my shoulder injury worse!
2013-11-16 Tres Grappini Sardinia V11
FA Red point Crimpy highball. Took a lot of cleaning and not the best rock ever, but a proud line!
2013-11-15 Name? Sardinia, Italy V12
2nd Red point Crux is a crazy sideways leap to a jug. Injured my shoulder on this very move, leaping a couple meters sideways to a jug onto a straight arm, shock-loading the shoulder. Incredible boulder none the less and a very unique, but violent crux!
2013-11-13 Scoop Swoop Sardinia V11
FA Red point Craazy Jump start to a hard punch move in a huge slopy scoop!
2013-11-10 First Taste Sardinia V12
FA Red point Very cool Font style movement but not the best rock. Finicky body-position compression
2013-10-30 House of Cards Maltatal V11
FA Red point Took a while to figure out the beta. Very intricate sequence out the bulge.
2013-10-28 Strom Und Drang Radenthein V11
2nd Flash Pretty straight forward powerful. Supposedly the harder one out of the two, but both seemed pretty equal in difficulty, just different styles.
2013-10-28 Gneisbeißer sit Maltatal V11
Red point That good rock. Classic. Remix of a remix beta.
2013-10-28 Virus In The Mind Radenthein V11
2nd Red point Cool little zone. Feels great to climb on dry(ish) rock for change!
2013-10-26 Power Break Maltatal V12
2nd Red point A cool variant to Wrestling! Totally worthy.
2013-10-26 High Highs and Low Lows Maltatal V11
FA Red point Cleaned and fixed the landing for this awesome highball last trip and now finally climbed it! Commiting, techy and not as easy as you'd want it to be! Hard to top that bullet Maltatal gneiss! It's been a crazy year of high highs and lows lows.
2013-10-26 Black Jack Maltatal V12
Red point Difficult dyno that's way more complicated than it seems at first. Finished the day of with a night sesh send of this!
2013-09-08 27 Club Lappnor V12
FA Red point Awesome pogo dyno! Very new-school. My birthday present. Could be harder too.
2013-08-20 One and Done Chaos Canyon V11
FA Red point Proud line on some of the best rock in Chaos. Very committing, big moves at the top. Almost fell from the very last move. Count your blessings.
2013-08-19 Two Sizes Too Big Wild Basin, RMNP V11
2nd Red point First repeat. Ground up. Worst conditions imaginable. Cant make any comment on the grade. Holds were covered in green since it saw no traffic after Dave's FA a year ago. Felt like climbing 8C in those conditions. Sick one! Just the right size.
2013-08-18 The Wheel of Chaos Chaos Canyon V14
2nd Red point Cleaned it with Jimmy, Dave and Daniel. A very cool, resistant journey at almost 11,000 ft in Upper Upper Chaos! Slowly getting used to the altitude and hike.
2013-07-27 Wave Swoop Grampians V14
2nd Red point The big rig! Dave's vision ever since he found it last year on one of our scouting missions. Haven't seen anything like it anywhere else. Figured out my beta and waited and waited for the right conditions. Finally got good enough conditions on the last day of the trip and me and Dave just executed. Dave went first and I literally started my send my go while was Dave topping out! The Taipan Simulator to the right is also an incredible highball!
2013-07-24 Watch and Act Grampians V13
FA Red point Tall overhang with powerful gaston action up high. in the 8A+/B range. The Mask of God of Australia. Dave had a little close call rapping down to clean the ending and decked from the top, almost on me. Nobody got hurt, it was a good day!
2013-07-20 Owning the Weather Grampians V14
FA Red point Hardest one in OZ this season! Amazing dynamic moves in compression on slopy holds! 3rd month in a row battling with really bad weather. Over it!
2013-07-18 Point Break Grampians V13
FA Red point Very techy heelhooking. Crux is a total max extension reach for me and the hold is RIGHT there where my reach ends! For once that happens! A classic boulder with a view!
2013-07-07 Fat and Psyched Grampians V12
FA Red point Life motto. Thuggy! Punchy moves on incredible Grampians rock as usual! Life is good here.
2013-07-06 Kate Upton Grampians V12
FA Red point Name says it all. This thing is a beauty! Five stars.
2013-07-06 A Puzzle About Belief Grampians V12 V11
Red point Awesome crimpy line! Cool sequence once we figured out the beta!
2013-06-19 Deviation From The Norm Magic Wood V13
FA Red point Sweeet and hard dyno into a much easier but fun finish! The easiest way up the wall, escaping out right.
2013-06-17 La Force Tranquille Magic Wood V15
2nd Red point First repeat. One of the most enjoyably hard boulders out there! Took a devastating fall from the easy top-out because a hold broke, then climbed it again next try all the way to the top! Great movement! Tried some of the moves a month ago when the boulder was wet and now banged it out in two days with no time to rest. Good one Daniel!
2013-06-15 The Understanding Magic Wood V15
FA Red point I've dreamed of climbing this stunning project ever since I first saw it in 2004. Many considered it impossible after a key hold had broken. Tried it over several years but could never understand how to make it work, until finally this year! Got lucky with the weather after a month of rain and managed to close the deal! Incredibly motivating to unlock something you once could not conceive of doing!
2013-06-13 The Knowing Magic Wood V13
FA Red point The obvious stand start climbing into the upper part of The Understanding. In the 5 star highball circuit!
2013-06-04 The Full Circle Valais V14
FA Red point A very cool roof! Complicated and sustained sequence to escape the roof. Props to Dave and Fred for cleaning it all up! Last day best day in Switzerland, despite all the rain!
2013-06-04 A Tire D'aile Valais V12 V11
Red point Cool ramp problem with some trickery. Like a route. So pumpy, especially in humid conditions!
2013-05-24 Radja Branson V13
Red point Classic. Did it exactly with the original start and original sequence. For sure powerful that way. A little training session, did almost every problem on the wall in one session.
2013-05-24 La traction intégrale Branson V12
Red point Broke a foothold and had to switch up the beta
2013-05-24 La danse de Balrogs Branson V13 V12
Red point Original start. Footholds are soooo polished! Figured out the easier beta only afterwards.
2013-05-24 Les feux d'Azeroth Branson V12 V11
Red point Drop that knee
2013-05-16 Entlinge Murgtal V14
Red point Really cool tensiony boulder with an amazing upside down bat-hang finish! It was nice to actually get to climb something during this Swiss monsoon season! Probably more 8B when it's not raining and +20. Another good one from Fred!
2013-05-05 Parnassus Val Masino V12
Red point More fun when it's not baking in the sun!
2013-05-05 Bad Ass Ponte del baffo V11
Flash Softness
2013-05-03 Unità di Produzione Val Di Mello V12
Red point Cool 45 with slopy crimps. One of the best I've done in Val Masino!
2013-04-12 Unterland Maltatal V11
Red point Great balancy but still powerful moves. Quick session in the rain before a long drive to Paris. The jug in the middle is loose!!!
2013-04-11 Bügeleisen Maltatal V14
Red point What a great bouder from Klem!! I've wanted to climb this problem for such a long time! Had quite an epic with the weather and getting sick, but managed to pull it off on the last try on the last day. One of the best hard boulders in the world! I'll be back for the sit project!
2013-04-03 Pluto auf der Jagd Maltatal V12
Red point Great little mini. Maltatal rock is amazing! Tensiony. The foot compression is the way for short people.
2013-04-03 Orgasmatron Maltatal V11 V10
Red point Fun problem on good rock although a little dabby.
2013-03-30 Jour de rêve assis Rocher Guichot V11
2nd Red point First repeat. Cool compression moves.
2013-03-29 La Chose assis Franchard Cuisinière V12
Red point Climbs really nicely with my method!
2013-03-27 Misti Rocher Demoiselles V15
2nd Red point First repeat. Trav. 1 day ascent. Great obvious line that climbs really well. I wouldn't even call it a traverse really.
2013-03-27 La Théorie des Jeux Rocher Brûlé V13
Red point Did it pretty quick. Really good boulder at an obscure little area.
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