• Here you can see updates from of your team maintained crags. Local updates are not available.

Our team is dedicated to finding and establishing new and quality lines around the North East sandstone crags of Northumberland.

While there are more popular crags in Northumberland such as Kyloe, Hepburn and Bowden, the county has many undeveloped and lost crags with many new lines to be found! Currently expanding bouldering lines at the less developed crags such as Berryhill, Goats Crag and Dovehole Boulders, setting up 27 crags topos for Kyloe, as well as preparing to share some new locations in the area. Through using the 27Crags website and app, we are able to freely share detailed and multiple topo images of locations that may not fit into a crag guidebook.

We also respect the need for physical guidebooks, and love contributing to them.