Again a Crag where you can climb the whole year round. "Schlumpfendorf" and "Harry Potterwand" are faced north and good for summer. At "Clubwall" the sun disappears at noon. A really nice spot for sunny winter days is "Terrarium" where you get the after noon sun in nice atmospheric solitude. "Andeltodrom" is ideal for dry spring and autumn.

as always the north facing crags "Schlumpfendorf" and "Harry Potter Wand" stay moist rather long, though "Schlumpfendorf" is rather exposed. So it*s worth a try if there are no leaves on the trees. "Clubwall" stays dry and even if its wet, it'll dry fast. The other sectors are rain proof but after long rain periods water can push through the pockets.

At "Schlumpfendorf" you have a big variety of grades in predominantly vertical climbing on pockets. The opposite crags are steeper and more powerful. "Terrarium" is very fingery and powerful. What else do you expect on 45° steep overhangs. Due to it's hight you you'ld take crashpads and go for some high-balling.
A bit bigger in dimension is "Andeltodrom". A bit higher and the pockets are bigger. best for rainy summer days.

The only perfect Sector for kids is "Harry Potter Wand". Andeltodrom" and "Terrarium" have good base but the access id just a smell footpath. The other sectors offer bad suitability for kids.

Accommodation, shopping facilities and Restaurants are located in Waischenfeld. Swimming Pool is located hiere as well.

💎 Goodies

- Hagrid
- Onkel Vernon
- Der goldene Schnatz
- Die Macht der Nacht
- Mugamba
- Esoterik und Porno

- König der Schlümpfe
- Schlaumi
- Sirius Black
- Wishing on a star
- Monokultur
- Jumanji