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Climbing has been limited!

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On this crag climbing at the pit of "Wagnerfels" (routes "cappucino Lady" - "Bullpower") is prohibited from 1. January until 31. of July because of breeding birds. Rest is open all year until there are no signs at the wall.

The crag is located at the end of Ailsbachtal (valley) just north of "Behringersmühle". Go to Gößweinstein/Behringersmühle and follow signs towards "Bayreuth". Parking is 400 meters behind the town sign of "Berhingersmühle" to your left at the beginning of a forest road. Don't block the forest road.

Take the hiking trail towards "Behringersmühle" and turn right immediately. The sectors are located to your left up the hill, several paths leading up to the sectors. To get to the pit go up the hill just before the stairs. "Gerüchteküche" you reach if you take the path left after the stairs.

Schweigelstein & Aussiedlerstein:
Either go to "Wagnerfels" and go ahead after the stairs along the hillside. there's a path leading to both sectors. Or take the forest road from parking up north. Both sectors are close by after about 250 meters to your left next to the forest road.