Next to apart of Biokovo mountain for whisch starting point we consider village Bast (peaks Bukovac, Sokol, Topol ...), other big and interesting group of rocks and peaks is situated in the area above the village Veliko Brdo. Peaks Veliki Borovac, Mali Borovac, Pajevina, Ercegova gradina, and Solila belong to this area.
The majority of modern routes are equipped in the area of Borovac which is logistically, as regards to access and descent, perhaps the simplest in comparison to other Biokovo peaks.
The rock here is of very high quality, distinctive for the steep slabs on which friction climbing often prevails. Described routes are well equipped and in most cases rope descent is possible.
Ambient with a view to the sea is, like the whole Biokovo area, simply fantastic! For lovers of equipped multipitch routes Biokovo can be equally fascinating as Paklenica but in a new different dimension.
The authors of the first routes here are, as well as in many other places, Italian couple Paolo Pezzolato and Sara Gojak and Hungarian version, Oskar Nadasdi and Eniko Szentrimai.

⛺Accommodation: Many hotels and camps in the entire area. Out of season it is best to look for guesthouse.

Tourist information: Nice place for a bivouac is located on the saddle under Mali Borovac.

Note: For information about other routes it is best to visit There are topos of other equipped routes, as well as classic traditional routes.