Tokabo has two main large boulders close to the road with a variety of fun problems ranging from 6A up to 7C. There are a also a few hard projects left to do!

⭐ Recommended problems
Matjord, 6B+
Morän, 6C
Stenkross, 7B
Natursingel, 7B
Bring your feather-duster, 7B
Slitlager, 7C

The boulder "Första blocket" is easy too get down from. "Bergtäkt" is higher and can be tricky to climb down from without a ladder.

Have in mind that the rock quality on these boulders is a bit hard on the skin. So if you are planning to climb multiple days then it's probably unwise to start with Tokabo :)


Development of these boulders stated in 2017 and more problems have been added over the years.