Tijuana, also known as Cala Santanyi, is located in the southeast of the island, right in the cove that gives its name to the crag. Lovely place nearby to the sea, it is a good place to take souvenir photos. Climbing, in general, is on technical slabs of about 20-25 meters with a sometimes overhangs starts. Great quality grey and orange limestone and sometimes, especially if it blows the south wind, it is somewhat slippery. South orientation, it receives a lot of sun throughout the day, If it's a very hot day go very early or very late, even in spring. The best time to climb here is winter and autumn mainly, spring can also be climbed depending on the heat, in summer having next to the sea, you have to combine the climbing with throwing into the sea to cool off, and go to the crag very soon.
As in all places of Mallorca, it is forbidden to make fire or camp at night.


Tijuana is a classic in Mallorca, a must-see. Place with several decades of tradition, still, today are preserved anchors in stainless steel of Kurt Albert, the anchors in general are in very good condition, and some routes have been rebolted by titanium, hopefully, thanks to your contribution more routes will be rebolted.