The Gasfields

The area is access sensitive!

The Gasfields are located on Cherokee Wildlife Management Land and climbing is allowed. Parking is very limited. Please park off of the main dirt road because this is a working gas field and trucks are constantly traveling up and down. Cherokee WMA land is marked with orange paint. Stay within boundaries. Private Land does exist in surrounding areas. Be Respectful. Pick up any trash you find and practice Leave No Trace Ethics.

The Pit
9 routes on 2 topos
Flow Tester
5 routes on 1 topo
The Dog House
8 routes on 1 topo
2 routes on 1 topo
Swivel Packer
2 routes on 1 topo
The B.O.P.
3 routes on 1 topo
Snubbing Unit
2 routes on 1 topo
SCR House
5 routes on 2 topos
The Rig
2 routes on 1 topo
Frac Site
10 routes on 3 topos
The Cellar
28 routes on 6 topos
The Reserve Pit
0 route on 0 topo
Park Off of the Road on 2track in the woods on in the 1 car pull off. Do not block the road.
Park off the main gravel road. This is a working gasfield and a high use road for large trucks.
The Gasfields
General marker for the crag