🚶‍♂️ 18-26' - ⛰️ 500-550 MSL - 🧭 E - ☀️ During the morning

Terre alte is one of the last Fabio Leoni’s amazing works: it’s a huge wall overlooking the Sarca valley, the Limarò gorge and the beautiful lake of Toblino and counting almost 100 routes of an incredible quality.
Since this sector was born after 2020, the limestone rock has a higher friction compared to the other crags in the valley.
Routes are quite varied. There are short ones of about 15 meters and very long ones up to 40 meters. Climbing style is mainly technical on definite crimps and some tufas, but there are also some steeper sections of the wall. Difficulties range from 6a to 8b and you will best appreciate this place if you are comfortable with the 7 grade.
The crag base is large and good, but there is also a small sector above a beautiful exposed ledge. This one has been well equipped by Fabio with a strong steel cable. Belaying from here is a great adventurous experience.
Terre alte allows climbing during the whole year. During the Winter we suggest coming in the early morning, while during Summer in the afternoon. If you're lucky enough you can get a windy Summer day, which will allow you to find refuge from the high temperatures of the valley. By the way, you will get the best friction conditions during the mid seasons.
Well we finally got to the final note: the approach. Approach is longer (25’ for the upper sector) compared to the other crags of Arco and it is really steep. But let’s face it frankly, everything that is so good has to be earned. So do not hurry on the path and you will also enjoy this process.

We are sure you will enjoy the beautiful lines here and also the amazing landscape over the valley. If you are planning to stay in this area, do not miss the beautiful Rino Pisetta via ferrata ( probably one of the most challenging hiking trails of Trentino) and the multi-pitches on the Dain mountain.


Terre alte has been equipped almost entirely by Fabio Leoni, local strong and passionate climber who also bolted many other areas. The works have been concluded around 2020 so the equipment is solid and safe.