No special access issues

This crag is located in the Ailsbachtal-valley between "Oberailsfeld" and "Behringersmühle". Approaching from north go via "Waischenfeld" into the Ailsbachtal-valley. go south towards "Behringersmühle".
About 2.2 km south of "Oberailsfeld" parking is to your right.
Approaching from south go to "Behringersmühle" and take the road towards "Bayreuth". About 3 km after the crossroad in Behringersmühle parking is to your left.

Cross the street and go down the path. Cross the bridge and go ahead towards the forest. You get onto a hiking trail, turn left and follow the trail for 200 meters up the stream. After a left and a right bend there's a foot path to your right just next to an old bench. take that path and you'll get to the crag in 1 minute.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email