Italian Bounce (AKA Font Arete) thumbnail
Addio Arete thumbnail
Addio Arete
6B Boulder at Folly Walls
Holy Father, Mother Of God thumbnail
Pasta The Pinch thumbnail
Wood You Believe It thumbnail
Watcha Your Head thumbnail
Watcha Your Head
6C+ Boulder at Folly Walls
Woodsmoke Arete thumbnail
Woodsmoke thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Folly Walls
Timberline thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Folly Walls
Kindling thumbnail
6A Boulder at Folly Walls
Pizzaboy thumbnail
5 Boulder at Folly Walls
The Fat Italian thumbnail
The Thin Italian thumbnail
The Thin Italian
6A+ Boulder at Folly Walls
T F I Right thumbnail
T F I Right
6B+ Boulder at Folly Walls
Step To It thumbnail
Step To It
6A Boulder at Folly Walls
Lefty Leaning thumbnail
Lefty Leaning
6A+ Boulder at Pond Boulder
Thin Thing thumbnail
Thin Thing
7A+ Boulder at Pond Boulder
The Athletic Englishman thumbnail
Ramplestiltskin thumbnail
Pull, Pocket, Pond thumbnail
Oh Spotter Where Art Thou thumbnail
By Jove thumbnail
By Jove
6A Boulder at Oh Spotter Boulder
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Ey Up thumbnail
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Stupid Jack. thumbnail
Stupid Jack.
6C Boulder at Giant Boulder
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Jordan Direct thumbnail
Jordan Direct
6C Boulder at Folly Walls
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5 Boulder at Folly Walls
Follyfoot (AKA. Firepit) thumbnail
No topo image available
5+ Boulder at Folly Walls
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Cocoa Crack thumbnail
Cocoa Crack
4+ Boulder at Pond Boulder
Pondering thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Pond Boulder
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Twin Rib thumbnail
Twin Rib
5 Boulder at Folly Walls
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Go Snatch
6C Boulder at Pond Boulder
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No topo image available
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How’s Tha Doin? thumbnail
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7C Boulder at Apollo Boulder
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Lift Off
6A Boulder at Apollo Boulder
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Scooped Wall
6A+ Boulder at Apollo Boulder
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Ruin Bank Woods (St David's Ruin)

Climbing has been limited!

Latest Access information courtesy of Paul Clark and Rob Fenton at
Please note. The rocks are located in private, commercial woodland where there has been antisocial behaviour over many years. Access was banned and the following has been agreed on a temporary and trial basis with the landowner. BMC have agreed to indemnify the landowner (for climbing by BMC members) who has legitimate concerns about opening access onto private land. Failure to follow these arrangements is likely to result in access being removed.
o Access is for a trial period of 6 months
o Only BMC members are covered under the
o Climbing is restricted – Monday to Friday only – no weekend climbing. o Anyone visiting the rocks should respect the environment and behave
responsibly. Please keep climbing low-key o No large groups
o No litter – it would be helpful if climbers bag any litter they find and take it away
o Keep noise to a minimum.
o No dogs
o No Lamping sessions
o Use the agreed access route(s)
Please Note
The BMC Yorkshire Area have agreed run regular crag clean-ups and to monitor access on behalf of the landowner.
If you plan to visit please send a text indicating your intention to do so to the local BMC Access Rep – Mick Johnson -07759 427737